Friday, October 12, 2007

Ann Coulter - An American By-Product?

In yet another controversial pronouncement, conservative media freak Ann Coulter has revealed once again her true ugly self. While we may deem her comments of Monday as a sad but regular attack on the ever so stigmatized Jewish people, "We want Jews to be perfected" may just be touching the surface of a deeper American problem.

If you had the luck - or lack thereof - to be raised in beloved America, chance is you were taught two different theories on where we, as human beings, come from. Evolution, also known as Darwinism, and another theory, Creationism, based on the book of Genesis.
While Evolution is regarded as the scientific approach to the sempiternal question of our provenance, Creationism is solely based on the religious beliefs that dominate our society.
The danger of not relying on scientific concepts when teaching the history of our existence manifests itself in people like Ann. Teaching Creationism at school is but the first step to enabling such idiosyncrasies to persist in the minds of people whom you would think as intelligent. Refer to the latest voted legislation at the European Parliament regarding the dangers of teaching Creationism at school.

Ann Coulter, like many others (she clearly is representing a current of thoughts) adheres to a neoconservative ideology that merely portrays the WASP group as the perfect American society. Obviously, because they are - supposedly - educated, they understand people, their differences, their flaws as an ethnic group, and we can't but believe they must have put together a ladder of American Perfection. From her comments, Jews must be scoring high enough on it that everything would be much easier if they were just Christians. The question is, easier for who?
Did the jews come to you to complain about their hardship in America?

The true reason is it would be just easier for you and your likes, Ann, because as it is, you must do a hell of an indoctrinating job to explain to your peers by religious a + b that Christians are the perfect Americans, the fed ex way to heaven as you like to put it. I would love for you to answer that simple question actually: Why do Jews not believe in Christianity?
But I don't expect you to, actually, or at least, not in an intelligent, reasoned, logical fashion.

One could easily compare your comments to what monsters like Hitler or Ahmadinejad have advertised, but I would rather call it human nature. After all, as animals, we live to belong, and as humans, we lust for power. Associate both traits of the human character and you know we all want to at least believe we belong to the strong. Yes, Ann, I understand you, and where your comments are coming from. From my own traditional, antiquated, non-perfected mind, I rationalize your thoughts, because I can...

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