Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Now more than ever, a December 16 they will never forget!

In light of the latest 'Youtube' republican debate one should heavily wonder why the media have overtly declared war on Ron Paul at the detriment of their journalistic ethics. Whether or not a Ron Paul supporter every reasonable person watching the debate will attest to the fact that Giuliani or Romney had more time allotted to them during their first exchange than Dr. Paul had during the course of the entire debate. With such a disparity can one undecided voter make a true educated decision on the candidate he or she should support?

Certainly not.

With such an imbalance can a reasonable viewer say that CNN was respecting their oath of impartiality, as journalism ethics dictate?

Certainly NOT!

Was the debate biased in favor of those candidates to make it more interesting?


Now that we know that this debate was not meant to educate, persuade, or amuse, what could have pushed a news network to have so blatantly usurped their power and fed the American people this masterpiece of totalitarian run journalism?

The answer is rather simple:
However popular and trusted, CNN or FOX are nevertheless privately owned networks, and therefore are less inclined to respect ethics than to please their owners. With this said, it is usually in their interest to milden their views to attract more people, as is the case with CNN, or to take position more openly to cater to a more faithful audience, as is common FOX News strategy.

What happened in this debate, however, is a grave miscalculation on the part of the media. While they have successfully and subtly provided viewers with front runners for decades they have revealed an ugly agenda this time. They have tired and disillusioned millions of viewers who stared in disbelief in what looked more like a bad joke than a true debate.

The internet and more importantly, the web 2.0 - whose philosophy claims to bring a social aspect that helps bring people together - has enabled millions to gather their own evidence in the quest for a President, and gosh, is it different from what was force fed to us in the tube on the 28th of November!

A revolution is brewing, yes, but a beautiful revolution indeed! Knowledge has never been closer to us as it is today, people have never felt closer to us as they do today, and more importantly, the truth has never shined so brightly as it shines today!

They have managed to take over our TV sets and advertise their vision of who should have a chance in the race for the presidency. But fear not, my people, for the (GQ) dark horse of this race is carrying the message of peace. The lord of the night will see the light of day, and on December 16, we will show them the fruits of our revolution, as they have never seen before, for on that day, History shall be written!

The illuminati 2.0 have names: Kevin Rose, Mark Zuckerberg and many others have shown us that free speech is nothing without free thought!

More than ever, for our liberties! Let us show them that truth will prevail!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Enjoyed reading this very much!

Jose said...

I don't know if you or anyone can claim 'no real partisanship' when injustices like this happen. You've officially taken Ron's side, and I hope more people do. He may not get the GOP, but what he talks about is what's wrong with our wonderful country.