Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ten Reasons Why I Do Not Support Barack Obama for President

Dear Reader,

I would like to take a bit of my busy Sunday to formulate a response to Obie Fernandez - a renowned developer for whom I have utter respect - who wrote this article about why he supports Barack Obama and I should too.

Dear Obie,

Allow me to espouse your outline of 10 points to better counter-argue your article and give you food for thought in regard to the upcoming presidential election.

1. Style and Integrity

You argue in this point that through his speeches and debates Obama has given you the sentiment of an honorable man, who speaks truth and acts with integrity. Well, I guess I will have to pop the bubble for you, THIS IS exactly why he is a lawyer, and a politician. Never mistake charisma for truth. Charismatic persons are like a bottle of good wine! Drink the bottle, it will taste great but you still end up drunk!
Instead of digging dirt to discredit your man, I will instead revert to experience to formulate my judgement on his integrity:
Obama voted against the Iraq war resolution, and stated he would oppose funding for the war. He proceeded to vote for all of the funding authorizations.
While in style he differentiates himself from his democratic foe Clinton, nothing differentiates them in government action there.
On the war, there is only one candidate that comes to mind when it comes to style and integrity: Ron Paul.
Ron Paul not only voted against the Iraq war resolution and all funding for it, but he also gave what would today be considered a Prophetic House Floor Speech on Iraq on October 8, 2002.

2. Timing

Do you really believe that there is a hidden civil war in America because of race, religion, and culture?
Assuming you are right, what makes you think a black President is the answer to ending racism and religious conflicts within our borders?
If I am to follow your current thought process I would be electing John McCain for President in order to end the war in Iraq. Indeed, who better than a war veteran who has been tortured in Asia would know the atrocity and pointlessness of war? My answer to this argument is: You do not need to try the flame to know fire can burn. Wise people use collective experience as if it were their own.
On the idea that a civil war is brewing in America, I do not entirely disagree with you. I just disagree on the causes of it.
America's currency is crumbling.
America's reliance on foreign money is rising daily.
America's debt is at an all time high.
America's middle class is disappearing.
America is facing what is expected to be one of its toughest recessions.
America's inflation rate is at 10% - An all-time high.

How does Obama intend to avoid a civil war for bread when our dollar is not even worth its printing paper? By funding some more war with Iran this time?
I urge you, reader, to do your homework and research on the causes and solutions to our growing economic aches ( direct answers to homework provided at )

3. Religious Stance

In one sentence I will sum up your point:
Obama is religious... but almost!

If we are to read Article 6 of our beloved constitution,
no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

Since religion is a non-issue when it comes to being President of the United States, allow me to make it a non-issue when it comes to electing one.

4. Political Talent and Ability (and yes, Experience)

In truth, you are right about the talent part. He does have certain oratory skills. I just wish he practiced on his own speeches rather than his speech writer's.
When it comes to ability, he is definitely able to work past partisanship when his ideas fail. Actually, this is what irks me the most. Why not fight for your principles? Why fund a war you did not initially agree with then say you were against it all along?
Did I miss Experience? Oh well, forgive me, so does Obama.
Seriously, he yet has to finish his first term as a Senator, and though I do believe , like Corneille, that
I am young, it is true;
but in souls nobly born valor does not depend upon age

I cannot judge the man on his valor, for his actions have gone against his principles, and since principles are derived from values, going against them thus diminished his valor.
Also, allow me to not consider oratory skills as valor, for eloquence is to a politician's promises a marvelous wrap to a mediocre gift.
After all, Napoleon had it right:
If you wish to succeed in politics, promise a lot and never give a thing!

5. Talent to Inspire

This is very true, and worrisome. Once the euphoria of the moment wears down and the inspired unwrap the gift inside the beautiful words, what will we find?
A man who, like many before him, has sold us 'Change' but has really never changed anything but his own principles.
I find myself most inspired by a man who stood by the constitution, strictly, for 30 years and 10 terms as a congressman, 50 years married to the same woman, grandfather of 18 grand-children, and a lifetime as an Obstetrician/Gynecologist delivering more than 4000 babies. A man who stood by his word, his actions, and our constitution, whether inspiring new friends or foes. That to me, is inspiring.

6. Not a Clinton

... but very close.

7. Bi-Partisanship

I equally dislike both parties today. The democrats were elected in Senate and Congress - in which they hold a majority of seats in both - to end the war, and congress just passed an extra USD 500, 000, 000, 000 ($500 billion) to continue fund it.
Republicans (except for Ron Paul) seem to want to stay a hundred years in Iraq.
Now one thing can be taken for granted, Ron Paul would stand any day as the only true bi-partisan President when it comes to obeying the constitution, and this should be good enough for we the people of America.

8. Understanding and Views About Technology

This point is where you threw me off a bit. Obama voted for renewing the Patriot Act!
Once again, this goes back to the illusion of principles through rethoric. In other words, Obama is using his oratory skills to make us believe he promotes an agenda he has stood against.
Let us try to get this straight. Obama is okay with having the government spy on all our communications, including new media like the internet and you find that stance on technology attractive?
One question though, are we going to have to buy a Real ID card sweeper to browse the internet comes November?

9. A Strong, Black Role Model

I believe you are plain wrong. We need the President of the United States to be a role model to all Americans, not just the blacks.
And truly, if black people needed a black role model to succeed, how did Obama get to where he is? I do believe you are giving very little credit to Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks, and are unconsciously blaming other contenders for not doing enough.
You really want to help the black community? Why not look at Ron Paul 's stance on ending the war on drugs? Maybe we would be able then to give a real role model to all those kids whose fathers are doing jail time when they should be working to help an overburdened working mother to raise them.

10. Intelligence

Intelligence is a false argument, because we use our own to judge other's.
And while you are comparing him to George W. I would ask you to judge with an open mind, as "Dubya" won't be running this time, but Dr. Ron Paul, a well-learned, well-mannered, well-principled, and well-intentioned Doctor will be running on the real platform of change, whether it be in our foreign, fiscal, or monetary policy.
Unlike any other running candidate to the Presidency this year, he will be running on the intelligence and experience of our founding fathers.

Now many of you or your parents have heard very little about Ron Paul. And that is a good sign, for in an empire of lies, truth is the enemy!


Anonymous said...

None of these are sufficient reasons. Looks like your just another disallusioned Paultard. Not a clinton but close? You idiot.

Leon Truther said...

Would you maybe elaborate on your answer, so we can all understand in what way I am an idiot, in what way Ron Paul supporters are Paultards, and in what way Obama is really different than Clinton on his plan?

unlawflcombatnt said...

"On the idea that a civil war is brewing in America, I do not entirely disagree with you. I just disagree on the causes of it.

*America's currency is crumbling.
*America's reliance on foreign money is rising daily.
*America's debt is at an all time high.
*America's middle class is disappearing.
*America is facing what is expected to be one of its toughest recessions.
*America's inflation rate is at 10% - An all-time high.

You're right on target with these points. Though I don't agree with Ron Paul on everything, I certainly do agree on the above-mentioned problems, as well as their importance.

I'll vote for Ron Paul if he's on the ballot in November. If not, I'll vote for Hillary if she's on the ballot. If neither are on the ballot, I'll vote 3rd party. I'd never vote for Obama, unless he miraculously grew a spine, and took some solid, populist, pro-labor, pro-middle class positions.

Economic Populist Forum

Anonymous said...

We will never have a wonderful country again unless the Constitution is supported! The ONLY candidate that does this is Ron Paul. Read it. Then know that on the top 10 MOST corrupt politician list on judicialwatch/org they list Obama, Hillary, and Huckabee. AND they do not list all of the reasons these people made that list. Check it out instead of just going by "feelings".